Couzens Badminton Club


Couzens Badminton Club was formed in August 2013 following the merger of Purwell and Broadway Badminton Clubs. Below is a potted history of Purwell, and some memories of long serving members of Broadway.

Purwell BC LogoPurwell BC

Purwell Badminton club began life as part of Hitchin Badminton club in November 1976 as a third night of Hitchin Town Badminton Club. . After a few years this night opted to split and became independent.  As our part of the Club used Hitchin College, situated near the river Purwell at Walsworth we adopted the name Purwell Badminton Club in 1976.

Several years later the College threatened closure for refurbishment so we looked for a new venue and luckily the purpose built sports hall at Hitchin Boys School opened in 1998.  Purwell Badminton Club was the first Club to take up residence and helped in making decisions such as the hall's colour scheme!

Always been known as a friendly Club Purwell supporting the local leagues, entering one or more teams in both Stevenage League and Letchworth League with varying degrees of success over the years.

Broadway BC

Some memories of the history of Broadway from one of the last chairmen of Broadway, who was also a founding member of Purwell George Caple:

" I  first  met  them  in  1976 / 77   when  I  formed  a  "friendly  team"  at   HTBC.  I  set  up   a  few   fixtures  and  one   was   against  Broadway.  The  match  was  played   somewhere  in   the  "Broadway"  in  letchworth.  Next   memory  is  of  talking  to  Alan  Timberlake,  who  as  Chairman  of   Broadway  BC  was  trying in  1978, to  find   somewhere  for  his  Club  to  play  matches.  I  said  that   the   Queen  Street  hall  was  underused  and  that  he   should   approach  the  management  with  a  view  to   hiring  the  facility,  which  he  did.   This  was   the  start  of   Broadway's   Friday   night home matches.  It  was  around  that  time  that  a  mighty  recruitment  drive  created  the  new   Broadway  BC   as  a  very  strong   Club   with  Rod  Dix,  Linda  Clark,  John  ???  and  Rose  Castle,  Brian  Sherwood,  Noreen  Marshall,  Pauline   Heathcote  (Rew)  and  others.  This  was    in  time   for  the  1979 / 80   season.

 In  the  summer  of  1980  I  was  invited  to  join,  and  did  so,  becoming  chairman  a  couple  of  years  later."